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Can we take home our leftovers?


In accordance with Wisconsin Health Codes, we reserve the right to discard any leftover food items, after the agreed upon event timetable, where there is a reasonable risk for food borne illness to occur. For liability purposes the client may not keep leftover food. Whenever possible Orchard Valley Acres proudly donates the leftover food from events which has been carefully preserved according to Wisconsin Health codes to the local Food Pantry. 


Orchard Valley Acres will prepare between five- ten percent (5%-10%) overage based on the final number of guest count registered by CLIENT. Part of this overage is to include food for the staff of OVA. CLIENT will not be charged for this.

CLIENT is responsible for their outside vendors' meals and should be included into their final guest count.

How many meetings do we get with staff before our event?


After your initial tour and after booking, each couple typically gets 4 meetings/opportunities to visit the barn. These are scheduled as follows:

  1. One Tasting Event - Couples receive an invite and purchase a ticket. Couples and guests will be able to walk around during this event.

  2. One Decor Rental Meeting - with Ariel at your request.

  3. One Menu Meeting - with Chef Felicia during or after the tasting event.

  4. One Final Walk Through - With Ariel 2 weeks to a month prior to your event. Bring with you your final guest count and seating chart.


Although we love having guests to our barn, in order to provide the best service to all, we can not provide unlimited visits to the property. Additional visits/meetings are billed at $75 per hour.


What do we offer and who do we talk to about it?

Felicia, Owner and Chef: Food, Beverage, Grounds, Special Requests

Samantha, Operations Manager: Communications, Tours, Customer Portal, Invoices, Payments

Ariel, Event Manager: Decor Rentals, Event Layout, Floor Plans, Day of Coordinator 


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Are children full price?


Children under the age of five (5) are free of charge, Children six-ten (6-10) years of age will be charged at half price on the agreed upon cost per person.

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